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Every child is a different kind of flower and all together they make this world a beautiful garden.

Family Direct Line T. +66 53 253 863

Kid's Corner
Open daily from 9am to 7pm

9am        to   11:30am

11:30am to   12am

12am      to   2:30pm

2:30pm   to   3pm

3:00pm   to   5:30pm

5:30pm   to   7pm

Closed for Cleanliness

Closed for Cleanliness

Closed for Cleanliness

Cleanliness Schedule

Check out our fun activities, designed specifically with children in mind, which take place every day from 10am to 10:45am, and from 2pm to 2:45pm. Each day the schedule offers a range of activities, such as ceramic painting, umbrella painting, nature art, and paper folding. On specific days ECO Tours as well as a Muay Thai family boxing classes are organized. (please refer to weekly activities schedule) In addition, the hotel’s playground,  children’s pool and splash zone are fantastic recreation spots open all day long.

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Special Class Activities
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Lanna Tung

The Lanna traditional flag is seen in northern Thailand, made from cloth, wood, metal thread or paper, in a long hanging strip, decorated according to local beliefs. This activity is a learning of Lanna culture for children who are getting to know the culture of the Lanna people and their unique traditions that have been passed down through the ages.  Children learn skills in handicraft and the invention of things, and get to practice patience and focus on paper-cutting and decoration.

Umbrella Painting

The story behind the famous Chiang Mai umbrella is that they were brought back by a monk called Phra Intha, who travelled to Burma (Myanmar) and discovered the people making lovely umbrellas with mulberry bark that they turned into mulberry paper, which, like regular paper can be decorated and painted to add beauty and value to the umbrella.  They can also be developed into products for sale as souvenirs for the visiting tourists.  This activity allows children to design their own art pieces and to enjoy colouring freely. Here’s to creating endless works of art.

Ceramic Painting

Ceramic Painting classes give your little ones a chance to show their talent by having a wonderful experience painting a plaster doll.  Kids can enjoy painting and improve their creativity skills at the same time.  What are you waiting for? Let them create their own masterpieces.

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Nature Art

Nature Art is a class for creating works of art from natural materials such as leaves, flower petals, sprigs and much more out of the garden. Paint the colour on your selected material and then tap it down on the paper.  The natural materials will create their own unique patterns.  This activity can improve a kid’s imagination and design skills too.

Eco Tour

An Eco Tour is a journey around the hotel with outdoor activities, discovering new experiences of beautiful nature and learning about various plant species in the hotel grounds.  This trip also consists of Thai games.  For example, horse riding on banana stalks which is a game Thai child played in the past by using banana stalks found in the fields beside their houses or in their gardens.  This activity can teach children about what their parents and grandparents did for fun when they were children themselves.  Kids will also learn how to plant vegetables, feed the fishes and then enjoy the Nature Art painting activity at the end.

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