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Shangri-La Chiang Mai

Provides Local School With A New Arts And Culture Facility

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Learning is best achieved in a safe and positive environment, and Shangri-La Chiang Mai helps a local school provide just that. The hotel’s EMBRACE beneficiary, the Wat Lan Tong School, provides education for 144 underprivileged students from eight nearby villages. In 2014, the hotel partnered with the school to remedy its poor conditions and rundown facilities.

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Since the partnership began, the hotel has supported the school with improvements including complete electrical wiring updates, a new cafeteria, a co-operative retail shop and more. On October 3, colleagues from Shangri-La Chiang Mai were delighted to turn over its latest project - a new arts-and-culture building and garden.


“The previous building was in poor condition beyond mandatory fixing, which put teachers, students and school residents in danger,” said Saranya Buntem, communications manager at the hotel.


The new facility will provide a safe space for students to learn and practice traditional Thai music, performances and more. The garden will serve as a peaceful reading and study area.


Looking forward, the hotel plans to build another room on the first floor of the building and improve restroom facilities within the next year.

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“I was so happy to see how excited the students were with the new center,” said Kattaleya Wichai, a colleague at Shangri-La  Chiang Mai. “It is very important to support the school and its students so they can become educated adults and develop our country towards a positive and prosperous future.”

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