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Queen sirikrit Mother's Birthday


In Thailand, the Queen of former King Bhumibol is honoured with a public holiday on her birthday. The day is also called “Queen Mother’s Birthday” as Queen Sirikit is the mother of reigning king Vajiralongkorn.

The holiday comes on 12 August. It is a day to remember the humanitarian and other achievements of Thailand’s beloved Queen Mother and a day to honour mothers everywhere all across the land. Thus, it doubles as a Thai version of “Mothers Day.”

All over the land, on this day, you will see buildings festively decorated and streets lined with coloured lights. There are floral displays and pictures of the Queen Mother. You will see a profuse display of the flag of Thailand, not only flying high but also being draped over buildings. All public buildings will be so decorated, but many private homes will be as well.

In the capital city of Bangkok, there is a festival held along Ratchadamnern Avenue between the royal palace and the national parliament building. This is the “main event” for Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday.

It is traditional to give to charities on the Queen’s Birthday in Thailand, to pray for the Queen Mother, to put jasmine spice in houses, and for children to give gifts to their mother.

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