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Mueang Chiengmai – Photographs from Glass Plates by Luang Anusarn Sunthornkit


Photographs by Luang Anusarn Sunthornkit, who was also known as Sun Hi Chutima, a Chinese merchant who had been trading along the river from Chiang Mai to Bangkok on a scorpion tailed boat. The photographs captured stories during the reign of King Rama V until the early days of King Rama VIII, giving insights into commerce in both marketplace and trading boat, as well as Lanna culture and tradition, important figures and events during the unification period between Kingdom of Lanna and Kingdom of Siam.

Photographs by Luang Anusarn Sunthornkit offer a glimpse into the old ways of life and an important transition period of the city Chiang Mai.

The exhibition will be opened for a visit from Saturday 5 October until Thursday 28 November 2019.

The Opening Reception will be held on Saturday 5 October 2019, from 05.30 pm. at Chiang Mai City Arts and Cultural Centre** (Behind Three Kings Monument)

  • Give a pose for a free 4×5 polaroid print at our Antique Photography Booth.

  • Join us and reminisce places in the photographs and win a rare and limited “Mueang Chiang Mai: Photographs from Glass Plates by Luang Anusarn Sunthornkit” Photobook (Limited to 2 prizes.)

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