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When speaking of “The Bubble Arts-Group”, people in art circle, especially in Chiangmai, may be familiar with or have probably heard of the group. “The Bubble” is an art cooperative where enthusiastic artists gather and variety of artworks come together. Unity of different types of art provides opportunity and platform for the artists to present their works to the public. Moreover, the assembly aims to set Chiangmai’s art community in motion. The Bubble’s 13 artists will soon have their 4th collaborative exhibition called “17.25 SQUARE METERS” on September 6th – October 15th 2019 at ISSUE GALLERY CHIANGMAI.

“When being an artist is not private any more”
In creating works, artists may need the solitary time or privacy to concentrate on their works. When time passes by, canvas stands or drawing tables are not necessarily supposed to be in a private room or a studio. However, some artists are used to the old context and concept of privacy.

“The Bubble Arts-Group” reinterprets the concept of ‘privacy’ through the perspectives of different artists. In this exhibition, the artists focus on ‘space’. They portray the link between personal space and public platform through the use of chairs. Chairs are metaphorically described as ‘personal space’ of each member of the group, either by perspective or by interpretation. The individuality of each artist is conveyed via the installation with the others’ chairs. Unique identities of the artists are combined in the area of 17.25 square meters of ISSUE GALLERY CHIANGMAI. The gallery is both a coffee shop and a venue for a travelling exhibition. The crowded cafe gallery allows visitors to have a look, sit, or even lie down at the exhibition in order to feel and absorb the sense of an artist and also learn the artist’s state of mind for a period of time.


“17.25 SQUARE METERS” will have the opening on September 6th, 2019 at 6.30 p.m. at ISSUE GALLERY CHIANGMAI. The gallery is the same location with GATEWAY COFFEE ROASTERS. Please join us, take a temporary role as an artist, question and interpret the art works and the meaning of ‘space’(chairs) together.


August 22nd, 2019
Article by Wanchanok Sawasdee
Translation by Konkanok Nutsrisai

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